The Quantum Leap Information Roadmap

Here's a little information packet we've put together to give you a start on where to find things related to Quantum Leap and the Internet. Enjoy!

Revision: 1.0 Last updated: 18 August 1994

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Table of Contents:

  1. Related documents, mailing lists, WWW pages, and more
  2. About this newsgroup
  3. Other services with Quantum Leap info
  4. Rebroadcast schedules
  5. Related merchandise:
    1. Quantum Leap CD/cassette
    2. Quantum Leap videos/laserdiscs
    3. Quantum Leap companion books
    4. Quantum Leap original novels
    5. Quantum Leap fanfiction

1. Related documents, mailing lists, WWW pages, and more:

Companion documents to this FAQ include:

A lot of this information is dreadfully out of date. Sorry.

The following guides (and even more information) are available through anonymous FTP from in the directory ql-archive/text. This FTP site is maintained by Mark Baushke (
This FTP site is no longer available.

Quantum Leap FAQL, created by Quantum Buc ( and Debbie Brown with additions by Sally Smith (; last updated by Tracy Finifter ( on 17 August 1994.

The Quantum Leap Episode Guide, maintained by Anita Kilgour (akilgour@Thinkage.On.CA); date of last revision is 22 June 1994.

The Quantum Leap Primer, created by Sally Smith (; updated by Deb Brown and Sally Smith; date of last revision is 29 October 1992.

Mark Holtz ( maintains the "Quantum Leap List of Lists", available through anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/mholtz/ql_list_mmyy.Z (where mm is a two digit number of the month and yy is a two digit number of the year of the last update of this list of lists).

Mailing lists:

John C. Kirk provides a QL maillist. You can subscribe by sending him an email message to, and put "QL:subscribe" in the subject line of the message.

For those of you who don't have direct Usenet access, you can be put on the mailing list by sending mail to Please put "QL Digest" in the subject line.

WWW pages:

The first is "The Accelerator Chamber", the QL WWW page maintained by Tracy E. Finifter ( The URL page address is:

Do a Google search for more.

2. Newsgroups: was created in the Spring of 1994. This successful effort (other attempts had failed) was headed by Brad Kimberly ( This group is for the discussion of the television show Quantum Leap, its creators, stars, writers, trivia, etc.

If you are sending a message to the group for the first time, we ask only that you send a message that is appropriate for the group and that it is not insulting, flaming, or trolling (see alt.folklore.urban for examples and explanations of trolling).

Please refrain from using this newsgroup for personal messages. Remember that a post without any explicit distribution usually defaults to "world" in most news software.

This newsgroup is not to be used for commercial purposes. However, occasional messages will appear from people who are looking for or selling off QL merchandise (including books, CDs, tapes, and fanzines). As long as the messages are not posted by a commercial group, these messages will be allowed. Posts announcing QL Conventions or other conventions including QL personnel or merchandise are also allowed.

Posts concerning other works or appearances of any of the Quantum Leap personnel (including creators, writers, directors, and actors) are allowed.

If general postings such as "Make Money Fast" or "Global Warning For All: Jesus Is Coming" type posts are seen, please do not followup to the article. Rest assured that the FAQ author as well as many others will be replying immediately to the offending user's sys admin or postmaster.

And please don't post to "remind" us that it's only a TV show and that we need to get a life. We already know that and most of us already have one, thank you very much. :=)

The newsgroup is a companion group for posting fan fiction concerning the show. It is *not* a general discussion group. General discussion of QL belongs in this group. Archives of stories posted to alt.ql.creative are also available at in the directory ql-archive/alt.ql.creative.

3. Other services with QL info:

America Online has two boards dedicated to Quantum Leap news. One can be found in the "TV Gossip" section under "Cable/Syndicated Shows". The other can be found in the "Sci Fi" section. There is a group of Leapers who meet in the "Remote Control" room of the "TV Gossip" section every Monday night at 9:30 Eastern Time.

Fidonet has a QUANTUMLEAP echo.

4. Rebroadcast schedules:

NBC ran the original broadcasts, but QL can be seen in syndication in the United States on the cable channels USA and the Sci-Fi Channel. The USA Cable Channel runs QL rebroadcasts noon EST Monday through Friday. The Sci-Fi Channel runs QL at 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and repeats the episode at midnight.

QL is quite popular in other countries. The Dutch cable channel RTL 5 plays QL in the 8.30-9.30 timeslot (with commercials) on Tuesday nights. QL is also currently being broadcast in Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Australia, England, and elsewhere around the world.

5. Related merchandise:

1) Quantum Leap CD/cassette:

There is an official QL cassette and/or CD available. This information comes from Kate Shaklee ( (no, she *doesn't* work for Crescendo, honest, folks!):

Title: "Music from the Television Series Quantum Leap" Issued by: GNP Crescendo Records, catalog #GNPD 8036 for cassette or CD

Songs include: Saga Cell from the program (with voice-over by Deborah Pratt), Quantum Leap theme (the original one), "Somewhere in the Night (Scott sings), instrumental "Suite from the Leap Home", "Imagine" (Scott), Sam's Prayer (instrumental), "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (Scott), "Baby, Let's Play House" (Scott), Shoot Out (instrumental), Medley from "Man of La Mancha" (Scott), "Bite Me" (instrumental from "Blood Moon"), "Alphabet Rap Song" (Dean Stockwell), "Suite from Lee Harvey Oswald" (instrumental), "Fate's Wide Wheel" (Scott sings), a conversation with Scott Bakula (about 12 minutes), and the QL theme again.

The album is available in major U.S. record stores (Goody's, Tower, Camelot and others) or can be ordered.

Crescendo's catalog lists a price of $12.98 for the cd, $8.98 for cassette (California residents add sales tax), and add $3.00 for postage and shipping; normal shipping is via fourth class mail. To accommodate eager QL fans, Crescendo will ship by first class if you are willing to pay an extra dollar ($4.00 s/h)--you have to ask for this--the person who takes your order probably won't mention it--it's not their regular habit--it's special just for us! ;-)

Crescendo has a toll-free number for information or credit card orders: 1-800-654-7029. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., PACIFIC time, Monday through Friday, this phone is answered by a person (in my experience); at other times, you get a recording, which will let you place an order.

Crescendo is prepared to handle international orders. You need to call or write to find out the postage cost. The toll-free 800 phone number is not good outside North America. Crescendo's regular business number is (213) 656-2614.

To write for information, or place an order with payment by check or money order, send to:

GNP Crescendo Records
8400 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90069

You can also get CDs from the Broadway and Off-Broadway productions that Scott Bakula appeared in (complete with *his* singing) from "Romance, Romance", and "Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down". The address for that is:

Footlight Records
113 E. 12th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 533-1572
Fax: (212) 673-1496

2) Quantum Leap videos/laserdiscs

There are videocassetes available from Universal for a limited number of episodes. You can find the videocassettes from places such as Suncoast Motion Pictures, Camelot Spectrums, and other video outlets. Here is a current list of released episodes:

     "The Pilot Episode" ("Genesis")     "Catch a Falling Star"
     "The Color of Truth"                "The Leap Home (pts 1 & 2)"
     "Camikazi Kid"                      "Shock Theater"
     "What Price Gloria?"                "Dreams"

3) Quantum Leap companion books

"The Quantum Leap Book" by Louis Chunovich (Citadel Press, 1993) includes episode descriptions (up to the fourth season), character bios, and interviews.

"Time Tripping: A Guide to Quantum Leap" by Bill Planer (Image Publishing, 1991) also includes episode descriptions (partly through the fourth season), biographies on Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and Donald P. Bellisario, and commentary on themes of time travel in other movies and series including "Back to the Future" and "Star Trek".

4) Quantum Leap original novels

There are currently six original novels available in the United States based on Quantum Leap and published by Ace Books. They are:
Quantum Leap: The Novel
Ashley McConnell, 1992
Too Close for Comfort
Ashley McConnell, 1993
The Wall
Ashley McConnell, 1994
Ashley McConnell, 1994
Knights of the Morningstar
Melanie Rawn, 1994
Search and Rescue
Melissa Crandall, 1994

These books are available at most major bookstores.

5) Quantum Leap fanfiction

Several people/groups have put out amateur fanzine publications. For a mostly up-to-date list, check out the file zine.list at the site in the directory /ql-archive/text. This list is maintained by Mary Anne Espenshade (