Quantum Leap Episode Guide

Fourth Year:

Awards:         Golden Globe Award:  Scott Bakula

The Leap Back

Leapdate: June 15, 1945

Episode Number: 053
Air Date:       September 18, 1991
Writer:         Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       Michael Zinberg
Guest Cast:     Mimi Kuzyk, Amanda Wyss (Highlander:  The Series), Douglas Roberts, Robert
                Prescott, Candy Ann Brown, Jeanine Jackson, Dennis
                Wolfberg, Deborah Pratt
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Dean Stockwell
Struck by lightning, Sam and Al find their roles reversed, as Sam returns to the future, and to a long-lost love, while Al leaps back to 1945 to prevent the death of a returning World War II hero and his former girl friend.

Play Ball

Leapdate:       August 6, 1961

Episode Number: 054
Air Date:       September 25, 1991
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Neal McDonough (Murphy Brown), Maree Cheatham, Don Stroud, Courtney
                Gebhart, Peter Jason, Casey Sander, Royce D. Applegate
A pitcher on a minor league baseball team, Sam must decide if he's there to help a fellow team member, get his host back into the major leagues, or babysit the porcine team mascot, all while resisting the amorous advances of the women in his life.


Leapdate:       August 17, 1969

Episode Number: 055
Air Date:       October 2, 1991
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Michael Watkins
Guest Cast:     Marilyn Jones, Tracy Kolis, James Morrison, Bill Erwin,
                Barbara Townsend, Richard Grove, Marjorie Lovett
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Sound Editing
Sam meets Camille, and possibly a killer, when he leaps into a deputy sheriff in a small Mississippi town, lying in the path of a deadly hurricane.


Leapdate:       May 11, 1965

Episode Number: 056
Air Date:       October 9, 1991
Writer:         Toni Graphia
Director:       Rob Bowman
Guest Cast:     Lisa Waltz, Michael Beach, Fran Bennett, Dirk Blocker,
                Glenn Morshower, Lee Weaver, Jacob Gelman, Noble
Sam must don the robe of a Ku Klux Klansman in order to save the life of an ambitious young civil rights leader, who is trying to register black voters.

Permanent Wave

Leapdate:       June 2, 1983

Episode Number: 057
Air Date:       October 16, 1991
Writer:         Beverly Bridges
Director:       Scott Bakula
Guest Cast:     Doran Clark, Lela Ivy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun), Harry
Sam leaps into Frank Bianca, a hairstylist in leather pants, to prevent the death of a young murder witness and his mother in Scott Bakula's directorial debut.


Leapdate:       June 20, 1980

Episode Number: 058
Air Date:       October 30, 1991
Writer:         Beverly Bridges
Director:       Michael Zinberg
Guest Cast:     Penny Peyser, Nancy Lenehan, Arthur Rosenburg, Matthew
                Sheehan, Amy Ryan, Cheryl Pollak
It's up to Sam to try to bring a rapist to justice when he leaps into the perp's victim, a young woman who may have been unwilling to press charges against the young man - the son of the pillar of the community.

The Wrong Stuff

Leapdate:       January 24, 1961

Episode Number: 059
Air Date:       November 6, 1991
Writer:         Paul Brown
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Carolin Goodall (Hook, Schindler's List), Gary Swanson, Albert Stratton, Kim
                Robillard, Peter Murnik
Awards:         Genesis Awards (Animal Rights):  accepted by Paul Brown
The fates make a monkey out of Sam when he leaps into Bobo, an astrochimp who must avoid succumbing to the experiments of an Air Force neurologist.


Leapdate:       February 28, 1979

Episode Number: 060
Air Date:       November 13, 1991
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       Anita Addison
Guest Cast:     Jocelyn O'Brien, Alan Scarfe, Bill Marcus
Awards:         Emmy Nominations:  Scott Bakula, Michael Watkins, ASC
                ASC Award Nomination:  Michael Watkins, ASC
It's more like a nightmare when Sam leaps into a detective, investigating a gruesome murder. He may be next if he doesn't find out who eviscerated the victim and his only hope is the victim's catatonic son and her husband's psychiatrist. The horrific flashbacks he's experiencing don't help matters much either.

A Single Drop of Rain

Leapdate:       September 7, 1953

Episode Number: 061
Air Date:       November 20, 1991
Writer:         Teleplay:  Richard C. Okie
                Story:  Richard C. Okie & Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       Virgil W. Vogel
Guest Cast:     Phyllis Lyons, Patrick Massett, Carl Anthony Payne II,
                Britt Leach, R. G. Armstrong, Anne Haney, Hal Landon, Jr.
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Costume Design
A devastating drought will be the ruin of a small town unless Sam, as Billy Beaumont, "purveyor of precipiation and maker of rain," can find a way to make it rain, while keeping his family together in the process.


Leapdate:       November 2, 1956

Episode Number: 062
Air Date:       November 27, 1991
Writer:         Paris Qualles
Director:       Michael Watkins
Guest Cast:     Basil Wallace, J. C. Quinn, Claude Earl Jones, Don
                Sparks, Robert V. Barron, Jed Mills
Sam and a fellow convict named Boone are the defiant ones when Sam has to rescue his companion from a fifteen year sentence on a chain gang.

The Play's the Thing

Leapdate:       September 9, 1969

Episode Number: 063
Air Date:       January 8, 1992
Writer:         Beverly Bridges
Director:       Eric Laneuville
Guest Cast:     Penny Fuller, Robert Pine, Daniel Roebuck, Anna Gunn,
                Craig Richard Nelson
May meets December when Sam leaps into a young actor in love with an older woman, who is also an aspiring singer. If he can't boost her confidence and help her get her career on track, she will face a "fate worse than death," returning with her son to Cleveland.

Running For Honor

Leapdate:       June 11, 1964

Episode Number: 064
Air Date:       January 15, 1992
Writer:         Robert Harris Duncan
Director:       Bob Hulme
Guest Cast:     John Finn, Sean O'Bryan, Anthony Palermo, John Roselius,
                Lisa Lawrence
As a track star in a Navy college, Sam must prevent the death of his ex- roommate, who was expelled because he was gay, and who is slated to die at the hands of a group of bigoted cadets.

Temptation Eyes

Leapdate:       February 1, 1985

Episode Number: 065
Air Date:       January 22, 1992
Writer:         Paul Brown
Director:       Christopher Hibler
Guest Cast:     Tamilyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club, Highlander:  The Series), Kent Williams, James Handy
A serial killer stalks San Francisco while Sam as Dillion Powell, a TV reporter, protects a beautiful psychic who's working on the case, from becoming the next victim. The young lady is very clear of sight, as Sam and Al soon discover.

The Last Gunfighter

Leapdate:       November 28, 1957

Episode Number: 066
Air Date:       January 29, 1992
Writer:         Teleplay:  Sam Rolfe & Chris Ruppenthal
                Story:  Sam Rolfe
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     John Anderson, Susan Isaacs, Kenneth Tigar, Sean Baca,
                O'Neal Compton, Jerry Potter
Sam finds himself in the life of Tyler Meanes, a teller of tall tales who faces death at the hand of an old friend in a shootout at high noon.

A Song for the Soul

Leapdate:       April 7, 1963

Episode Number: 067
Air Date:       February 26, 1992
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       Michael Watkins
Guest Cast:     Harrison Page, Tamara Townsend, T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah (In Living Color),
                Eric LaSalle (ER)
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Harrison Page
                Emmy Nomination:  Art Direction
                "Eddie" award (American Cinema Editors): Jon Koslowsky
As a backup singer in a black, amateur girl group Sam finds between the fifteen year-old lead singer and her father as he attempts to rescue the girl from a sleazy night club owner's clutches.

Ghost Ship

Leapdate:       August 13, 1956

Episode Number: 068
Air Date:       March 4, 1992
Writer:         Paris Qualles & Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       Anita Addison
Guest Cast:     Scott Hoxby, Kimberly Foster, Kurt Deutsch, Carla Gugino
Flying over the Bermuda Triangle, Sam, as the co-pilot, must prevent the flight from returning to Virginia, to get a seriously ill passenger to a doctor before she dies. Flying through the triangle is riskier than it seems, and Sam, deprived of Al's help when the hologram fades out, must get them through alive.


Leapdate:       January 27, 1982

Episode Number: 069
Air Date:       March 11, 1992
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Scott Bakula
Guest Cast:     DeLane Matthews (Dave's World), Alan Oppenheimer, Jerry Hardin (The X-Files), Michael
                Heintzman, Marcus Giamatti, Don Gibb
Sam, as Roberto!, is a tabloid talk show host a la Geraldo who, with an asthmatic rival and co-worker, tries to uncover a mystery at a local chemical plant, a mystery which may prove to be deadly for his co-worker.

It's A Wonderful Leap

Leapdate:       May 10, 1958

Episode Number: 070
Air Date:       April 1, 1992
Writer:         Teleplay:  Paul Brown
                Story:  Danielle Alexandra & Paul Brown
Director:       Paul Brown
Guest Cast:     Liz Torres (The John Laroquette Show), Jerry Adler, Peter Iacangelo, Robin Frates,
                Jack R. Orend
Sam finds himself behind the wheel of a New York taxicab, in the life of Max Greenman, a driver striving to win his own tag, a license to drive his own cab. His mission is aided with the help of a woman who claims to be a guardian angel.

Moments to Live

Leapdate:       May 4, 1985

Episode Number: 071
Air Date:       April 8, 1992
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Kathleen Wilhoite, Pruitt Taylor Vince (Highlander:  The Series), Frances Bay,
                Brian George, Matthew Ashford
Sam is a soap opera heart surgeon and the obsession of a love-struck, if somewhat deranged fan. He must escape from the woman and her husband who kidnap him for reproductive purposes.

The Curse of Ptah-Hotep

Leapdate:       March 2, 1957

Episode Number: 072
Air Date:       April 22, 1992
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Lisa Darr, John Kapelos
It's almost as though Sam were on vacation when, as Egyptologist Dale Conway, he gets to read hieroglyphics, search lost tombs, and, of course, visit Egypt. But between an encroahing sandstorm, computer glitches back at the project, the suspicious deaths of the guides, and a 3000 year old curse to round things off, Sam has very little time to play in the sand.

Stand Up

Leapdate:       April 30, 1959

Episode Number: 073
Air Date:       May 13, 1992
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       Michael Zinberg
Guest Cast:     Bob Saget (Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos), Amy Yasbeck (Wings), Robert Miranda, Tom LaGrua, Mark
Sam, as the singing half of a comedy team, soon finds that trying to con- vince two people that they're truly in love is no laughing matter, especially when one of them is the object of a sleazy casino owner's desire.

A Leap For Lisa

Leapdate:       June 25, 1957

Episode Number: 074
Air Date:       May 20, 1992
Writer:         Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Charles Rocket (Max Headroom, Saturday Night Live), Jeffrey Corbett, Larry Brandenburg, James
                Walters, Terry Farrell (Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine), Anthony Peck, Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes)
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Dean Stockwell
Sam leaps into one Al "Bingo" Calavicci to prevent the death of his married lover. But when Sam accidentally alters history, and finds out too late about her untimely demise, it could mean the gas chamber for Al... and a whole new situation at the Project.