Quantum Leap Episode Guide

Third Season:

Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Best Drama
                Golden Globe Award:  Dean Stockwell

The Leap Home

Leapdate:       November 25, 1969

Episode Number: 031
Air Date:       September 28, 1990
Writer:         Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Scott Bakula, David Newsom (Homefront), Olivia Burnette, Hannah
                Cutrona, Mai-Lis Kuniholm, Caroline Kava (Born on the 4th of July)
Awards:         Winner:  Emmy - Makeup:  Jeremy Swan, Douglas D. Kelly,
                                         Gerald Quist & Michael Mills
                Writers Guild of American Nominee:  Donald P. Bellisario
As himself at the age of 16, Sam has the opportunity to both win the high school basketball championship and save his family from their sad fates.

The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)

Leapdate:       April 7, 1970

Episode Number: 032
Air Date:       October 5, 1990
Writer:         Donald P. Bellisario
Director:       Michael Zinberg
Guest Cast:     David Newsom (Homefront), Andrea Thompson (JAG), Ernie Lively (The X-Files), David
                Hayward, Tia Carrere (Wayne's World), Adam Nelson, Patrick Warburton,
                Ryan Reid, Rich Whiteside
Awards:         Winner:  Emmy - Cinematography:  Michael Watkins, ASC
                Emmy Nomination:  Dean Stockwell
                Directors Guild of America Award:  Michael Zinberg
As a Navy SEAL in his own brother's squad, Sam must determine whether he is there to save Tom's life or ensure the success of the mission on which his brother was killed.

Leap of Faith

Leapdate:       August 19, 1963

Episode Number: 033
Air Date:       October 12, 1990
Writer:         Teleplay:  Tommy Thompson
                Story:  Nick Harding, Karen Hall, & Tommy Thompson
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Sandy McPeak, Danny Nucci, Davey Roberts, Erica Yohn,
                Penny Stanton
Sam finds himself in one holy mess as a priest in Philadelphia, trying to help an alcoholic priest deal with a killer and the death of a young parishoner.

One Strobe Over the Line

Leapdate:       June 15, 1965

Episode Number: 034
Air Date:       October 19, 1990
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Michael Zinberg
Guest Cast:     Marjorie Monaghan, Susan Anton, Kristoffer Tabori, David
                Sheinkompf, Robert Trumbull
Sam is a photographer who must protect a fashion model from a growing dependency on amphetamines and a predatory manager's ambitions.

The Boogieman *

Leapdate:       October 31, 1964

Episode Number: 035
Air Date:       October 26, 1990
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Valerie Mahaffey, Paul Linke, Fran Ryan, David Kriegel,
                Donald Hotton
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Art Direction
Things do more than go bump in the night when Sam leaps into Joshua Raye, a horror novelist on Halloween. Although Ziggy claims he's there to prevent the death of a church deacon, things get even stranger when two more people die without warning. (* It should be pointed out that the B-word is spelled out here in order to make the Guide as accurate as possible. Please remember that we are trained professionals. The editors of the Episode Guide do not take any responsibility for the horrible consequences that will undoubtedly befall anyone foolish enough to say this episode's title out loud.)

Miss Deep South

Leapdate:       June 7, 1958

Episode Number: 036
Air Date:       November 2, 1990
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Christopher Welch
Guest Cast:     Heather McAdam, Nancy Stafford, David A. Brooks, Julie
                Ann Lowery, Hugh Gillin
As Darlene Monte, a contestant in the "Miss Deep South" beauty pageant, Sam must come to the aid of an innocent contender who faces disgrace when she poses for naughty ../../gifs taken by a sleazy pageant photographer. As if things weren't bad enough, Sam must ensure that Darlene finishes third, so that she'll go on to become a doctor.

Black On White On Fire

Leapdate:       August 11, 1965

Episode Number: 037
Air Date:       November 9, 1990
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Gregory Millar, Corie Henninger, Sami Chester, Ron
                Taylor, Marc Alaimo (Star Trek:  The Next Generation), Laverne Anderson, CCH Pounder
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Sound Editing
                Deborah Pratt (award unknown)
Sam leaps into a black med student engaged to a white woman in order to ensure that he and his fiancee survive the Watts Riot together.

The Great Spontini

Leapdate:       May 9, 1974

Episode Number: 038
Air Date:       November 16, 1990
Writer:         Christy Dawson & Beverly Bridges
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Amy Steel, Erich Anderson, Lauren Woodland, Michael
Leaping into magician Harry Spontini, Sam has to prevent his estranged wife from taking their daughter away from him as she files for divorce, so she can marry her sleazy divorce attorney.

Rebel Without a Clue

Leapdate:       September 1, 1958

Episode Number: 039
Air Date:       November 30, 1990
Writer:         Teleplay:  Randy Holland & Paul Brown
                Story:  Nick Harding & Paul Brown
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Josie Bissett, Dietrich Bader, Teddy Wilson, Michael
                Bryan French, Scott Kraft, Mark Boone, Jr., Joshua
As "Bones," a member of a motorcycle gang, Sam is an uneasy rider who has to prevent a Kerouac-inspired young woman from meeting her death on the road.

A Little Miracle

Leapdate:       December 24, 1962

Episode Number: 040
Air Date:       December 21, 1990
Writer:         Teleplay:  Sandy Fries & Robert A. Wolterstorff
                Story:  Sandy Fries
Director:       Michael Watkins
Guest Cast:     Charles Rocket (Max Headroom, Saturday Night Live), Melinda McGraw, Robert Lesser, Tom
On Christmas Eve, Sam leap into Reginald Pierson, valet to a wealthy contractor, who is in danger of losing his soul in an attempt to demolish a Salvation Army mission, so he can build his "Blake's Plaza." Seeing a similarity to the Dicken's character, Sam and Al decide to "Scrooge" the greed out of the man.


Leapdate:       July 4, 1964

Episode Number: 041
Air Date:       January 4, 1991
Writer:         Paul Brown
Director:       Michael Katelman
Guest Cast:     Sandy Faison, Sherman Howard, Joeseph Hacker, Ami Foster
On a cross-country car trip, Sam, as 13-year-old Butchie, must contend with a sadistic older sister and a mother on the verge of running away from an unfulfilling marriage, in search of the feminine mystique.

8 1/2 Months

Leapdate:       November 15, 1955

Episode Number: 042
Air Date:       March 6, 1991
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Lana Schwab, James Whitmore, Jr., Hunter von Leer, Tasha
                Scott, Anne Haney, Parley Baer, Philip Linton, Peggy
Billie Jean Crockett is a pregnant teenager who will make the second biggest mistake of her life - giving her baby up for adoption - unless Sam, as Billie Jean, can convince someone to help her raise her child... before he goes into labor himself.

Future Boy

Leapdate:       October 6, 1957

Episode Number: 043
Air Date:       March 13, 1991
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Michael Switzer
Guest Cast:     Richard Herd, Debra Sticklin, George Wyner, Alan Fudge,
                David Sage
Sam leaps Kenny Sharp, better known as "Future Boy", sidekick to Moe Stein, host of the kid's show, "Time Patrol," who also happens to be building a time machine in his basement. Unless Sam can prevent Moe's daughter from attempting to have her father committed, Moe is destined to be killed as he tries to hop a freight train.

Private Dancer

Leapdate:       October 6, 1979

Episode Number: 044
Air Date:       March 20, 1991
Writer:         Paul Brown
Director:       Debbie Allen
Guest Cast:     Debbie Allen (Fame), Louis Mustillo, Heidi Swedberg, Robert
                Schuch, Marguerite Pomerhn-Derricks, Rhondee Beriault
An aspiring dancer working as a waitress in a strip club is in danger of being led into a life of prostitution unless Sam, as "Rod the Bod," can convince her to audition for a spot in a professional dance group. But, since she's deaf, the choreographer doesn't believe she has the time to give the young lady the attention she'll need.

Piano Man

Leapdate:       November 10, 1985

Episode Number: 045
Air Date:       March 27, 1991
Writer:         Ed Scharlach
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Marietta DePrima, Angelo Tiffe, John Oldach, Denise
                Gentile, Frank Roman, Cherry Davis
Joey Dinardo is a lounge lizard on the run from mob hitmen. When Sam leaps in, he's been found by his ex-girlfriend, and former musical partner, and now both are on a run for their lives from a killer who seems to know their every move. Scott Bakula's lyrical debut: "Somewhere In The Night"

Southern Comforts

Leapdate:       August 4, 1961
(Alternate Title:  Love For Sale)

Episode Number: 046
Air Date:       April 3, 1991
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Chris Ruppenthal
Guest Cast:     Rita Taggart, David Graf, Georgia Emelin, Dan Butler,
                Lauren Tom, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Diane Delano
It's the best little cat-house in New Orleans. No, it's the Gilbert Labonte Sewin' & Quiltin' Academy. As the proprietor of this worthy establishment, Sam must prevent the mysterious death of a resident who doesn't belong there.

Glitter Rock

Leapdate:       April 12, 1974

Episode Number: 047
Air Date:       April 10, 1991
Writer:         Chris Ruppenthal
Director:       Andy Cadiff
Guest Cast:     Jonathan Gries, Peter Noone, Christian Hoff, Michael
                Cerveris, Robert Bauer, Liza Whitcraft
Awards:         Emmy Nomination:  Costume Design
Sam is a glitter rock star in danger of being stabbed to death after a performance, unless Sam can determine who, from a growing list of people, the real killer is.

A Hunting We Will Go

Leapdate:       June 18, 1976

Episode Number: 048
Air Date:       April 18, 1991
Writer:         Beverly Bridges
Director:       Andy Cadiff
Guest Cast:     Jane Sibbett (Herman's Head, Friends), Ken Marshall, Cliff Bemis
It's the leap from hell as Sam, a bounty hunter handcuffed to a wiley embezzler who will stop at nothing to get away from him, has to deal with his captive, as well as his attraction towards her, despite her countless attacks on him.

Last Dance Before An Execution

Leapdate:       May 12, 1971

Episode Number: 049
Air Date:       May 1, 1991
Writer:         Teleplay:  Deborah Pratt
                Story:  Bill Bigelow, Donald P. Bellisario, & Deborah
Director:       Michael Watkins
Guest Cast:     Jenny Gago (Sliders), Julio Oscar Mechoso, Christopher Allport,
                James Sloyan
"Just think of someplace far away" is the advice Sam hears as he leaps into Jesus Ortega, a Cuban-American being strapped into an electric chair. A last second stay of execution gives Sam just forty-eight hours to either prove himself innocent or fulfill his mission so that he can leap before the Big Switch is pulled.

Heart of a Champion

Leapdate:       July 23, 1955

Episode Number: 050
Air Date:       May 8, 1991
Writer:         Tommy Thompson
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     Jerry Bossard, Don Hood, Deborah Wakeham, Angela Paton,
                Rance Howard
The heart of a champion belongs to Ronnie, a professional wrestler, who will die if he competes in the title match. Sam, as his brother and new partner Terry, must convince him of his hidden health problem, while avoiding his own health problem - the jealous wrestler-husband of a woman who has taken an amorous interest in Sam.

Nuclear Family

Leapdate:       October 26, 1962

Episode Number: 051
Air Date:       May 15, 1991
Writer:         Paul Brown
Director:       James Whitmore, Jr.
Guest Cast:     Timothy Carhart (Beverly Hills Cop III, Star Trek:  The Next Generation), Kurt Fuller, Kim Flowers, Robert Hy
                Gorman, Candy Hutson
Sam finds himself the brother of a fallout shelter salesman during the Cuban Missile Crisis, where he must defuse a potentially explosive situation as panic sets in on the night of John F. Kennedy's speech to the nation.

Shock Theater

Leapdate:       October 2, 1954

Episode Number: 052
Air Date:       May 22,1991
Writer:         Deborah Pratt
Director:       Joe Napolitano
Guest Cast:     David Proval, Bruce A. Young (Highlander:  The Series), Scott Lawrence, Robert
                Symonds, Candy Ann Brown, Nick Brooks, Lee Garlington (Sneakers)
Awards:         Emmy Nominations:  Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell
Leaping into Sam Bederman, a mental patient who is suffering from acute depression, Sam receives an overloaded electroshock treatment, which causes his Swiss-cheesed memory to be replaced by personas from previous leaps. Al, finding himself visible to the mentally absent, must try to complete Sam's mission, and convince him to take another shock treatment, in order to leap Sam out before contact is lost forever.