The Quantum Leap Episode Guide

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Table of Contents:

Episode No. Air Date Title Leapdate

First Season

001a 26-Mar-1989 Pilot Movie (aka "Genesis") 13-Sep-1956 Thu
&001b Summer, 1968
002 31-Mar-1989 Star-Crossed 15-Jun-1972 Thu
003 7-Apr-1989 The Right Hand of God 24-Oct-1974 Thu
004 14-Apr-1989 How The Tess Was Won 5-Aug-1956 Sun
005 21-Apr-1989 Double Identity 8-Nov-1965 Mon
006 3-May-1989 The Color of Truth 8-Aug-1955 Mon
007 10-May-1989 Camikazi Kid 6-Jun-1961 Tue
008 17-May-1989 Play It Again, Seymour 14-Apr-1953 Tue

Second Season

009 20-Sep-1989 Honeymoon Express 27-Apr-1960 Wed
010 27-Sep-1989 Disco Inferno 1-Apr-1976 Thu
011 11-Oct-1989 The Americanization of Machiko 4-Aug-1953 Tue
012 26-Oct-1989 What Price Gloria? 16-Oct-1961 Mon
013 1-Nov-1989 Blind Faith 6-Feb-1964 Thu
014 8-Nov-1989 Good Morning, Peoria 9-Sep-1959 Wed
015 15-Nov-1989 Thou Shalt Not... 2-Feb-1974 Sat
016 22-Nov-1989 Jimmy 14-Oct-1964 Wed
017 29-Nov-1989 So Help Me God 29-Jul-1957 Mon
018 6-Dec-1989 Catch A Falling Star 21-May-1979 Mon
019 13-Dec-1989 A Portrait for Troian 7-Feb-1971 Sun
020 3-Jan-1990 Animal Frat 19-Oct-1967 Thu
021 10-Jan-1990 Another Mother 30-Sep-1981 Wed
022 17-Jan-1990 All-Americans 6-Nov-1962 Tue
023 7-Feb-1990 Her Charm 26-Sep-1973 Wed
024 14-Feb-1990 Freedom 22-Nov-1970 Sun
025 7-Mar-1990 Good Night, Dear Heart 9-Nov-1957 Sat
026 14-Mar-1990 Pool Hall Blues 4-Sep-1954 Sat
027 28-Mar-1990 Leaping In Without a Net 18-Nov-1958 Tue
028 4-Apr-1990 Maybe Baby 11-Mar-1963 Mon
029 2-May-1990 Sea Bride 3-Jun-1954 Thu
030 9-May-1990 M.I.A. 1-Apr-1969 Tue

Third Season

031 28-Sep-1990 The Leap Home 25-Nov-1969 Tue
032 5-Oct-1990 The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam) 7-Apr-1970 Tue
033 12-Oct-1990 Leap of Faith 19-Aug-1963 Mon
034 19-Oct-1990 One Strobe Over the Line 15-Jun-1965 Tue
035 26-Oct-1990 The Boogieman * 31-Oct-1964 Sat
036 2-Nov-1990 Miss Deep South 7-Jun-1958 Sat
037 9-Nov-1990 Black On White On Fire 11-Aug-1965 Wed
038 16-Nov-1990 The Great Spontini 9-May-1974 Thu
039 30-Nov-1990 Rebel Without a Clue 1-Sep-1958 Mon
040 21-Dec-1990 A Little Miracle 24-Dec-1962 Mon
041 4-Jan-1991 Runaway 4-Jul-1964 Sat
042 6-Mar-1991 8 1/2 Months 15-Nov-1955 Tue
043 13-Mar-1991 Future Boy 6-Oct-1957 Sun
044 20-Mar-1991 Private Dancer 6-Oct-1979 Sat
045 27-Mar-1991 Piano Man 10-Nov-1985 Sun
046 3-Apr-1991 Southern Comforts 4-Aug-1961 Fri
047 10-Apr-1991 Glitter Rock 12-Apr-1974 Fri
048 18-Apr-1991 A-Hunting We Will Go 18-Jun-1976 Fri
049 1-May-1991 Last Dance Before An Execution 12-May-1971 Wed
050 8-May-1991 Heart of a Champion 23-Jul-1955 Sat
051 15-May-1991 Nuclear Family 26-Oct-1962 Fri
052 22-May-1991 Shock Theater 2-Oct-1954 Sat

Fourth Season

053 18-Sep-1991 The Leap Back 15-Jun-1945 Fri
054 25-Sep-1991 Play Ball 6-Aug-1961 Sun
055 2-Oct-1991 Hurricane 17-Aug-1969 Sun
056 9-Oct-1991 Justice 11-May-1965 Tue
057 16-Oct-1991 Permanent Wave 2-Jun-1983 Thu
058 30-Oct-1991 Raped 20-Jun-1980 Fri
059 6-Nov-1991 The Wrong Stuff 24-Jan-1961 Tue
060 13-Nov-1991 Dreams 28-Feb-1979 Wed
061 20-Nov-1991 A Single Drop of Rain 7-Sep-1953 Mon
062 27-Nov-1991 Unchained 2-Nov-1956 Fri
063 8-Jan-1992 The Play's the Thing 9-Sep-1969 Tue
064 15-Jan-1992 Running For Honor 11-Jun-1964 Thu
065 22-Jan-1992 Temptation Eyes 1-Feb-1985 Fri
066 29-Jan-1992 The Last Gunfighter 28-Nov-1957 Thu
067 26-Feb-1992 A Song for the Soul 7-Apr-1963 Sun
068 4-Mar-1992 Ghost Ship 13-Aug-1956 Mon
069 11-Mar-1992 Roberto! 27-Jan-1982 Wed
070 1-Apr-1992 It's A Wonderful Leap 10-May-1958 Sat
071 8-Apr-1992 Moments to Live 4-May-1985 Sat
072 22-Apr-1992 The Curse of Ptah-Hotep 2-Mar-1957 Sat
073 13-May-1992 Stand Up 30-Apr-1959 Thu
074 20-May-1992 A Leap For Lisa 25-Jun-1957 Tue

Fifth Season

075a 22-Sep-1992 Lee Harvey Oswald 21-Mar-1963 Thu
075b 5-Oct-1957 Sat
075c 6-Jan-1959 Tue
075d 21-Oct-1959 Wed
075e 10-Apr-1963 Wed
075f 9-Aug-1963 Fri
075g 21-Nov-1963 Thu
075h 22-Nov-1963 Fri
076 29-Sep-1992 Leaping of The Shrew 27-Sep-1956 Thu
077 6-Oct-1992 Nowhere to Run 10-Aug-1968 Sat
078 20-Oct-1992 Killin' Time 18-Jun-1958 Wed
079 27-Oct-1992 Star Light, Star Bright 21-May-1966 Sat
080 10-Nov-1992 Deliver Us From Evil 19-Mar-1966 Sat
081 17-Nov-1992 Trilogy, Part I 8-Aug-1955 Mon
082 24-Nov-1992 Trilogy, Part II 14-Jun-1966 Tue
083 24-Nov-1992 Trilogy, Part III 28-Jul-1978 Fri
084 15-Dec-1992 Promised Land 22-Dec-1971 Wed
085 5-Jan-1993 A Tale Of Two Sweeties 25-Feb-1958 Tue
086 12-Jan-1993 Liberation 16-Oct-1968 Wed
087 19-Jan-1993 Dr. Ruth 25-Apr-1985 Thu
088 9-Feb-1993 Blood Moon 10-Mar-1975 Mon
089 23-Feb-1993 Return 8-Oct-1956 Mon
090 23-Feb-1993 Revenge 16-Sep-1987 Wed
091 2-Mar-1993 Goodbye Norma Jean 4-Apr-1960 Mon
092 16-Mar-1993 The Beast Within 6-Nov-1972 Mon
093 30-Mar-1993 The Leap Between The States 20-Sep-1862 Sat
094 20-Apr-1993 Memphis Melody 3-Jul-1954 Sat
095 5-May-1993 Mirror Image 8-Aug-1953 Sat