The Official Usenet Quantum Leap Drinking Game

Last update: November 4, 1994

Reorganized: November 19, 1994

by Tracy E. Finifter

With special thanks to Marshall Maresca, Jim Berniger, Scott Casteel, Lady Johanna Constantine, Loren Finkelstein, Erik Reid Jones, Dotty Klein, Terri Librande, Billy Don McConnell, Deborah Ramsey, Mel Rupinski, John J. Ryan, and Sally Smith.

Items marked '*' come from the Quantum Leap Drinking Game written by Mary Allison with Shari Feldman, Miriam Ferziger, Dara Golden, Paul Woodard, and Caren Pelletier.

Items marked '+' come from the Quantum Leap Drinking Game written by Christine White with special thanks to Sally Smith for bringing it to my attention.

This is a variation of a standard television show drinking game. It is recommended that you play this game either during a rerun or while watching episodes on videotape and that you pre-select which situations you want to look out for, otherwise you'll probably be wasted by the end of the first act. Please feel free to distribute this list freely and to make any additions you feel should be included. Please send any additions or comments via Internet email to

Disclaimer: This list is intended to be fun. Please, always drink in moderation, know your limits, and never ever drink and drive.

Before you begin, once you know which episode you're watching, everybody playing take a guess as to how many drinks will be scored (sips don't count). The winner gets to take home the leftovers (if any) while the loser has to clean up.


Take a drink when...



Sam and/or Al:


The Viewers:

Your Tape Contains:

Other Conditions:

Call out "Keep the Leap!" and take a chug when: