Leaps Unbound

Leaps Unbound is a Quantum Leap fanzine edited and published by Cheryl Bellucci, Tracy Finifter, and Gina Goff.

Full color cover by <=minds-i-view=>. 190 pages, single-spaced, single column format.


"Code of Silence" by Cheryl A. Bellucci
Sam leaps into the husband of a star singer who is about to be murdered -- by him. And why is she wearing an MIA bracelet for Al?
"A Leap of Spirits" by Steve Boyd
Sam must prevent the suicide of a friend he can only contact via email.
"That Terrible Price" by Terri Librande
Al must prove that Sam is still alive when the Project loses contact with him.
"Future Perfect" by Tony Perreault
Sam leaps far into the past, into the time of MacBeth, and receives some help from the future in turn.
"Good-bye Granpa'" by Beth Hlabse
Sam leaps into a man dying of cancer. What can he do to help?
"Flashover" by Tracy E. Finifter
Sam must decide between saving the life of a fellow firefighter or the young occupants of a burning home.
"Afterimage" by Gina Goff
Sam leaps into Al's youngest daughter and tries to alter the design for Project Quantum Leap.
"There but for the Grace of God" by Beth Hlabse
Sam leaps into a teenaged girl who must stop her father's emotional abuse before her brother commits suicide.
"Love, Honor, and Obey" by Jason E. Dzembo
Sam leaps into one corner of a love triangle -- at his ex-girlfriend's wedding.
"Wounds that No One Can See" by Sheryl Gere
Big hair is not big fun when Sam leaps into a high school girl who loves to shop. Can he prevent the death of a classmate before he has to go to the prom?
"A Matter of Trust" by Cheryl A. Bellucci
Sam has a second chance to save Charlie Starr, the beautiful rock star he first encountered in "Code of Silence." But can he be any more successful this time when both his and his host's lives are in danger?

...plus original poetry by Robin Chi-Woon Kwong, Elizabeth Reisman, and Mark Rotton.

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